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A Royal commission

by Laura Breen on 2 March, 2012

A hand-drawn original plan for a 1948 Daimler DE 36hp landaulette.
A hand-drawn original plan for a 1948 Daimler DE 36hp landaulette

A little while ago, the Museum was lucky to acquire some archival material which sheds some more light on our Daimler’s early years.  

Thanks to a vigilant enthusiast who alerted me when it came on the market last year, we were able to get hold of the original file created by London coachbuilders Hooper and Company when they were building our Daimler in 1948.

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History, Significance

Why Daimler?

by Laura Breen on 23 February, 2012

Daimler DE36hp car under construction
This is one of the images provided by John Lees. It illustrates the complex process by which the cars used for the South African royal tour were constructed.

In contrast to the anonymous black 4WD used to whisk the Queen around Australia during her most recent visit, this unwieldy and attention-grabbing Daimler must seem rather a curious choice of royal transport.

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