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We began by looking at the inlet manifold

by Vicki Humphrey on 27 November, 2012

Nicki Smith spent Saturday 24th November working on the Daimler with Ian Stewart, in the Museum Workshop exhibition. Nicki is really enthusiastic about the work, reporting:

“I’ve just spent a great day working with Ian Stewart on the Daimler. We began by looking at the inlet manifold, carburettors and throttle linkages, exhaust manifold, coolant thermostat and pipework and the thermostat housing.”

Even to my untrained eye I could see Ian’s words were true…  “for its age it is unbelievable. All the nuts and bolts are unscrewable, they go in and out like you wouldn’t believe. All it needs is a normal clean, there are no problems.” The bolts and nuts on the Daimler are all Whitworth – British Standard Whitworth not so easy to come by in our metric world – but the Museum does have a Whitworth spanner set. Continue reading “We began by looking at the inlet manifold”