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Royal Daimler Project begins

by Monica Lindemann on 10 February, 2012

Welcome to the National Museum of Australia’s Royal Daimler Project blog. We’ll keep you informed about the conservation progress of the Royal Daimler as we work towards having her fit for a queen again by 2014 – the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s 1954 visit to Australia. The first stage is getting the Daimler ready to display in the National Museum in Canberra by October 2012.

The Daimler outside with farm machinery in the background.
The Daimler in South Australia before it was acquired by the Museum in 2009.

Find out more about the Museum’s Daimler and the Royal tour on The Daimler’s history page.

We look forward to your questions, comments and suggestions. Enjoy the blog!

0 thoughts on “Royal Daimler Project begins”

  1. Its great to see the Museum embarking on such an ambitious project in terms of unravelling the history of an object and how to restore it without compromising its integrity. Are there any plans for the Museum to tour it to the UK or other Commonwealth countries in the future?

  2. Oh what a fantastic project! Such a beautiful car and so much history attached to it! Very inspiring, good work guys!

  3. hi kat

    it would be wonderful to tour the vehicle. At this stage we are hoping to tour the car in Australia, perhaps following the itinerary of the 1954 Royal Tour. It is only an aspiration at this stage, our attention is really on getting the car back to its former glory. Touring the UK would be terrific. Something we could factor in to our long term plans, perhaps in partnership with our friends at the British Museum?

  4. Hi Shelly

    Glad you’re enjoying the blog. It really is a beautiful car with a wonderful story behind it. Here’s hoping we can achieve our goal to have the vehicle display ready by 2014.

  5. As an enthusiast of the Daimler Marque I am so pleased to see that this worthy old car has been rescued and will be conserved and restored and once again be the subject of public attention. The Daimlers were great cars, often associated with interesting events and times and hopefully this project will help to bring them back into the hearts and minds of the Australian public.

  6. Hi Peter

    Thanks so much for your comments, it’s wonderful to have the support of Daimler enthusiasts such as yourself. Do keep an eye on the blog over the coming months, we have lots of exciting plans afoot!

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