My favourite photo

by Vicki Humphrey on 16 April 2012 

The Daimler, loaded onto the truck for transport, with its headlights taped to prevent damage to the glass.
Arrival at the Museum – taped for transport

It is strange how an inanimate object can be perceived as having a character, but many do. And conservators develop quite intimate understandings of the workings and foibles of the objects they are working on. Some we gently coax  along through their treatment; others need a stern talking to! They all have different characteristics, not just because of their physical make-up and specific deterioration but they carry their history with them and all of these things touch us in different ways.  Looking at the Daimler I see a solid and determined character, a character that still comes through despite the wear and tear and signs of neglect. My favourite photo of the Daimler, however, is one that makes it look – to me – more human than any other. The tape over the headlights was placed there to protect the glass in transit but somehow it gives the car eyes and expression. I love it. Wonder how its expression will change over the months to come.

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