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Uncle Elmer bought the Queen’s car

by Monica Lindemann on 18 January, 2013

I recieved this interesting story from a Project donor this week.  I wonder which of the Queen’s cars he sat in? 

The year was 1955, a year after the Queen’s visit.  I was 7 years old living in Adelaide.

Uncle Elmer (not my real uncle) was a large,  reserved man.  Having recently arrived in Australia, he enlisted in the Australian Army (RAEME).

It was Sunday and my parents, my sister and I drove in our FJ Holden down to the Port Road where Uncle Elmer had a garage.  Amongst the VWs was an imposing black car, a Daimler.  Uncle Elmer had bought the Queen’s car!

I was invited to sit in the front but declined.  Eventually I was coaxed into the back seat.  A large glass pane separated the front and rear compartments.  The most obvious accessory was a microphone, and I was puzzled as to why the Queen would want to talk into a microphone.

Monday morning came and off I went to Linden Park Primary School where I was in Grade 2.  We had to write a ‘composition’ on our weekends activities.  I was so excited! I could write about being in the Queen’s car.  The composition was marked 2/10. “You shouldn’t tell lies” was the comment.

A  bullet was lodged in the windscreen, perhaps to confirm the structural strength of the glass.  I wonder if it is still there?

Alan, Canberra

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  1. Hi Monica, how interesting.

    As our Daimler was owned by the Governor of South Australia, Sir Robert George, during the time of Alan’s visit, I suspect that this car was one of the twelve Daimler Conquest vehicles which were provided by the Daimler Company for the Royal Tour of 1954. I could be wrong, but I think these cars were shipped out to Australia in October 1953, and used to carry members of the press, entourage and other members of the ‘royal household’. They were intitally a loan but in fact were ultimately sold off at the end of the tour.

    You can see a 1953 photo of two of these cars in Coventry here: http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-page3530202

    I was recently in touch with a blog reader who now owns one of these Conquests. If anyone else knows anything further about the fate of these twelve cars, please do let us know.

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