Still here and wishing you all the best for the Christmas and New Year holidays

by Vicki Humphrey on 23 December, 2015

The Daimler project has been a bit silent recently. I would like to say we have been working on being mysterious but that would be only part of the story. As you know we work on a lot of different objects and we have had to give the Paddle Steamer Enterprise a lot of TLC lately. We are also proud to report that the National Museum’s Model T Ford Truck – the Aeroplane Jelly truck – is now on display in Canberra airport. And it is getting a lot of visitors.

Nonetheless, work on the Daimler is progressing and – yes – we have been a bit mysterious and will have some nice news for you in the new year.

We are not the only ones being mysterious. The Daimler has been holding onto her own information but our intrepid contractors are gradually getting more information about the wiring systems and we aim to help them along the way with a bit more dismantling in the near future.

Wishing you all the best for the Christmas and New Year holidays and see you here next year.

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