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Daimler pick up

by David Hallam on 7 May, 2012

Object pick ups are always a bit exciting and a bit sad. Someone is always losing a piece of history to the national collection – and the nation is gaining a story.

Clean and waiting for transport
Clean and waiting for transport to arrive

The 15th of November 2009 was no different. We had an early morning start to meet the owner and a specialist in transportation for the car and the spare engine bits.

The car was clean and the tyres pumped up ready for the trip to Canberra.

Headlights taped and doors securely closed the DE 36 is towed to a flat space for loading

Final preparations meant ensuring all parts were secure and ready for the 1400km trip in a covered truck.

Loading the Daimler into the covered car transport trailer.

Winching the Daimler into the truck’s trailer was a slow and careful job.

The bumper Bar had to be removed to fit the car into the trailer. Always a final last minute suprise

The rear bumper protruded just that little bit too much and fouled the rear door of the truck’s trailer. Hence it had to be removed. The bolts did not want to let go …

A rare spare engine – or peices of one…

Spares were loaded into the truck.

The Daimler snugly in place in the trailer

The car was strapped down with 4 wheel straps so it could not move on the trip.

Leaving for Canberra – a final goodbye!

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