Rolling out the royal cars

by Catrina Vignando on 6 March, 2014

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RACA members at the NMA

The dust covers came off, the conservation team were on hand and the engines came to life at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra.

It was one of those rare moments when the spark of history is tangible. Where the smell of old engines conjures bygone stories and brings history racing in to the present. This was the rare experience witnessed by the members of the Royal Automobile Club Car Motoring Enthusiasts Group who came to Hear History Hum at the National Museum.

The group has been a long time Conservation Partner of the Museum, having made regular donations to help conserve the Museum’s Royal Daimler.

Hear History Hum was a unique occasion to showcase the conservation work on the Royal Daimler and fire up the engines of cars in the National Historical Collection.

Museum staff and Royal Daimler blog contributors, Vicki Humphrey, Ainslie Greiner, Ian Stewart, Col Ogilvie and Ken Houlahan were on hand to describe the Daimler’s conservation journey to date and to turn over the engines on two of the Museums’ most cherished vehicles.

The ‘Sundowner’ Bean car driven by Francis Birtles and Sir Robert Menzies 1962 S3 Bentley were fired up and taken for a drive by the conservation team in the Museum yard much to the appreciation of the bystanders.

The photo shows the Museum’s Bentley next to the Sir Roden Cutler’s last Vice Regal Rolls-Royce, the Phantom VI. The Rolls Royce belongs to one of the members visiting the Museum.

Hear History Hum brought the Museums’ car collection to life and was a showcase of the work the Museum can achieve with the help of our supporters.

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