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The Daimler Rolling Chassis

by Catrina Vignando on 19 June, 2014

The Royal Daimler chassis is all chromed up and on display for a limited time in the main hall at the National Museum in Canberra.

With as much fanfare as we could muster, we made a short video of the chassis being set up for display by our registration team.

Come to the Museum and see the inner workings and detailed craftsmanship of this rare vehicle. The conservation team at the Museum have done a tremendous job restoring the Royal Daimler to a rolling chassis.

This is a very proud achievement in the life of the Project that would not have been possible without your generous help and ongoing interest in the Royal Daimler Project.

We have now raised $47,085.40 from public donations towards our target of $60,000.

We have till the end of July to reach our goal. So please come and see the car and invite your friends to help us get the Royal Daimler over the line.

The Royal Daimler rolling chassis is on display till 27 July. After which it goes back to the workshop in Mitchell, (and the tender care of our conservators), for phase two of its makeover.

The Royal Daimler chassis
The Royal Daimler chassis was on temporary display at the National Museum of Australia’s Main Hall for several weeks until 27 July 2014.The car went back to the workshop for further conservation work